Release Notes

Changes You Need to Know!


  • Added informational feedback to deliver intent-based decisions in the job details, for example selecting a compute.vm instance type from cores and memory.

  • Added support for https balancing on Azure with SSL/TLS Policy selection.

  • Allow security.certificate on Azure to refer to existing certs by key store secret id.

  • Added support for configuring health checks on beta.service objects:

    • healthy status codes

    • healthy and unhealthy thresholds

    • interval and timeout

    • request path

  • Made health check status code ranges easier to specify.

  • Fixed network security group for isolated subnets on Azure.


  • Allow security.certificate on AWS to refer to existing certs by ARN.

  • Fix issue reading AWS ACM-generated certificates.

  • Improve name disambiguation rules on AWS for storage.blobstore.

  • Improve AWS autozoning to include connected resources in decision-making.

  • Improve parallel processing support for subnets on AWS.

  • Added examples to the documentation.


  • Added support for configuring virtual machines at boot time through userdata.

  • Fix availability zone preparation in AWS.

  • Fix parallel execution of subnet creation with ipv6 in AWS.

  • Fix AWS RequestLimitExceeded handling.

  • Fix "missing plan" error on Azure when using a third party marketplace image.

  • Ensure VMs with extensions added after provisioning due to policy do not interfere with destruction on Azure.

  • Use environment name in job detail output.


  • The new documentation web site went live. (Even scarier, the line above was written a week before it happened!)


  • Added support for https load balancing on AWS.


  • AWS - added load balancer support for configuring healthy health check responses.

  • AWS - added load balancer support for associating a CNAME with the balancer in an existing DNS Zone.


  • Added beta.dns pre-release DNS schema.

  • Azure: support for public and private zone management. compute.nic can be associated with an A record in a zone.


  • Added support for http load balancing on AWS and Azure.