Venue + Blueprints + Variables = Infrastructure


An Environment allows you to create, modify or delete the resources defined by Blueprints within a given Venue. You can have multiple environments sharing the same AWS Account or Azure Subscription. Each environment has a unique prefix that is used to make the resource group membership unique for the resources described by the blueprints in that environment.

With an environment, you combine:

  • The venue and account or subscription to use.

  • The environment prefix that makes all the resources unique.

  • The blueprints to deploy.

  • The variables that customize the blueprints.

Once all the information is provided, you can apply the environment to your venue to provision your resources. After it is applied, you can make changes by modifying blueprints and then applying again. You can continue to make changes and apply until you no longer need the environment, at which time you can destroy it.

Environment Actions


To create an environment:

  1. Go to the Environment List view using the left-side control.

  2. If you previously left this view in an environment detail page, you will need to click on "Environment List" in the upper left to go to the correct view.

  3. In the upper-right corner, click on the ➕ . This immediately creates a new environment. When an environment is created it will have a name similar to "untitled".


You can rename an environment at any time. The name of the environment has no bearing on the resources that get provisioned. Environment names must be unique within the Organization. The environment name can be modified by clicking on the name in the environment detail view.

Rename the environment by clicking on the name at the top. This will allow the name to be modified. Press <RETURN> when you are finished to set the name.

Target a Venue

You can modify the venue that the environment will provision resources into as long as there are no deployed objects. The venue setting can be found in the … (ellipsis) menu under the Tuono logo in the environment details page.

Select Credentials

You can modify the credential nickname the environment will provision resources into as long as there are no deployed objects. The credentials setting can be found in the … (ellipsis) menu under the Tuono logo in the environment details page.

You can modify your nicknamed credentials at any time, even if environments are using those credentials. This can have serious consequences if the credentials target a different AWS account or Azure subscription.

If you modify your stored credentials under a nickname with environments that have provisioned resources in the venue, and the new credentials reference a different AWS account or Azure subscription, you will orphan the resources previously provisioned with the original credentials.

Set the Prefix

The prefix is used to uniquely identify the environment and all of its resources relative to other environments provisioned together with the same credentials. This prefix is derived from the environment name by default. The prefix is used to modify all of the folder names being deployed in an environment. When Tuono interacts with a venue, all resource interactions are scoped to a folder. This means when two environments have the same blueprint attached, two different sets of resources will be created because the environment prefix is different.

To illustrate this concept, we start with a blueprint (graphically represented):

The core-net Blueprint

The core-net blueprint defines a folder (and a region), a network, and a subnet. In this blueprint the folder's name is "core". If we attach this blueprint to two environments with different prefixes, the resource group names in the venue will become:

prefix-folder name

This prefix allows multiple environments to coexist in the same AWS Account or Azure subscription without colliding:

Environment Prefix Behavior

In this example the same blueprint is attached to two environments resulting in two independent sets of venue resources.

You cannot modify the Environment Prefix if the environment has been applied and there are resources provisioned in the venue. To change the prefix you must destroy the environment, and once that has completed successfully, you can modify the prefix and then apply the environment again.

The prefix setting can be found in the … (ellipsis) menu under the Tuono logo in the environment details page.

Clone (Duplicate)

You can clone (or duplicate) an environment using the ... menu in the upper right (below the Tuono logo). When you clone an environment all of the variable settings and jobs are cleared, but the blueprints are kept at the same version numbers. After you clone an environment you may want to update the venue, credentials, or environment prefix before you apply.


Using the ... menu in the upper right (below the Tuono logo), select "Delete".

Deleting an environment with provisioned resources will cause them to become orphaned, and you will be responsible for their lifetime.

Environment States

Every environment has a life-cycle for which it will always be in a particular state. The actions you can take on an environment depends on the state:

Environment States and Actions

Not shown in the figure: you can take the Delete action from any state.